CMS specializes in providing transportation solutions for container and modular buildings.

Container Moving Solutions has provided transportation solutions worldwide for numerous companies allowing their modified containers and modular buildings to be used for cafes, offices, kitchens, bars and retail stores. 

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CMS Container Delivery System

Pick up and deliver any size container and off site modular building


The CMS delivery system allows any size off site modular and container to be picked up off the ground without the use of a forklift or crane using the trucks specialized hydraulic lift. The CMS system only requires as little as 20 feet of room in front of the container to place the container on the ground unlike traditional tractor trailer methods that require 120 feet of room to place the container on the ground.

The CSM system is used by industry leading companies.


Using the CMS system increases company profits and reduces operating costs. One delivery system allows the operator to handle any size container with ease. This prevents the operator from having to return to the depot get a different piece of equipment to transport a different size container 

Towing companies can deliver any size container with ease.


Using this system allows towing companies to use their existing fleet to transport containers / modular buildings making the fleet more versatile and will increase company profits. This system speeds uo the loading and unloading process. The system has many options available and are DOT legal.


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